Worldwide Brands – My Review

Worldwide Brands is a popular online directory of trade suppliers and there are many reviews online, so this post will just cover the main points – and link to this Worldwide Brands discount code that's still valid and working as of 2018.

What is Worldwide Brands?

Worldwide Brands is not itself a supplier – it's a searchable catalogue of products and wholesalers/drop shippers.  There are nearly 9,000 suppliers listed and from them more than fifteen million products available at wholesale prices.

Worldwide Brands research all of their suppliers before adding them to the directory and guarantee that they are realiable – they are the only directroy to offer a full guarantee like this.  WWB is also the only directroy to be officially certified by eBay.

Is It Worth Joining?

If you are looking for a large number of low priced suppliers, including drop shippers and wholesalers who sell in 'light bulk' as well as traditional bulk, then yes – Worldwide Brands is probably your best option.  It has the most products, a wide range of suppliers and different categories, and the most helpful support team – the only down side is the cost at $299.

Worldwide Brands Coupon

There is a $30 off coupon for new members of Worldwide Brands – and you can find it on many sites.  There's a Worldwide Brands coupon code in the article I link to above, but there are also many more online if you search for them.

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