Get rid of “Thread Stuck in Device Driver” in Microsoft Windows 10

Restore Your Device to Solve the malfunction 0x100000ea

An additional procedure that you could try to repair this blue screen of death malfunction is by repairing your computer to the moment as it seemed to work without a form of issue. This enables you alter the configuration that were creating this undesired status. Try the following-

Start> All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore

At this point, you will notice all restore points that you had created or were created by default. With the resultant dialog textbox, recover your computer system to a prior time. Absolutely implement the instructions on screen, and get back it to the most recent recover stage. The repair task will start automatically. As being the process of restoration will accomplish, the system will reboot. Look at the problem. If yes, then go ahead with the next solution.

Manage the Heat

Getting hot is additionally a significant reason for vast majority of complications. Getting hot of the computer system may have an extreme effect on the graphics card like sealing of the chipset. In such scenarios, you would view the Thread Stuck in Device driver Error 0x100000ea. And so it is significant that you simply maintain a check on the heat level of your desktop computer or laptop. To cool down the system, be certain the fans and UPS of your computer are working accurately. Also, the UPS must be up-graded, In case it is actually out-of-date. And so better maintain video card in a well-balanced condition to avert troubles like this.

Upgrade or Reinstall Whole Drivers

Since the problem 0x100000ea is normally triggered due to drivers particularly the video card or the Graphic card driver, so that the very first thing you can examine is a defective driver. Implement the guidelines presented here.

Access Device Manager.  Either type Device Manager in the search box or input devmgmt.msc in the Run window. You will notice a summary of hardware connected with your computer system. Extend it. At this point look for a yellowish triangular shape with the exclamation symbol alongside any system driver. If there's such driver, right click it. Then click on Upgrade. By implementing above methods, you can solve thread stuck in device driver in Windows 10.

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