America’s Favorite Cocktail – Margaritas

Like any beverage that reaches such ubiquity, the background of the Margaritas are shrouded in layers of myth and marketing. What we do understand is that refreshing summer favorite includes tequila, lime, and along with an orange liqueur functioned at a salt-rimmed glass.  Beyond this, we put into experimentation and speculation (the fun things).

 It just so happens, around the time that we see the margaritas gaining popularity; there was still another frequent beverage in America known as a daisy.  The daisy additionally included a citrus liqueur, a dimensional citrus taste, and rum.

Don Carlos was a bartender in Hussong's Cantina in the western shore of the Baja Peninsula.  On a slow day in October of 1941, he had been tinkering with a few new drink recipes in walks Margarita Henkel – the girl of the regional German ambassador.  Being a client of a stature, Don Carlos gives her new experimentation in welcome.  She had no thought then, but she had been taking the greatest step forward in the history of tequila because of the conquistadores.

From the forthcoming years, there were innumerable incarnations of the famed beverage have grown.  Margarita tastes run the gamut from chipotle pineapple to blood glucose and virtually anything you can imagine in between.  In general, the margarita has gotten so popular that, in 2008, it had been the number 1 ordered beverage in America, accounting for 18 percent of pub beverage orders. 

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