6 Reasons to Order Promotional Products from your Local Distributor

Many of us have seen the benefits of using the internet to research and purchase items on the internet. It has changed the way live and shop, giving us accessibility to a wide range of goods. However, there are some factors people forget about sourcing products from local businesses as ordering online we all just become a number. A noticeable difference is the lack of a relationship between customers and suppliers when ordering online.

Why source promotional products from a local company

1. The Relationship – Meet your sales consultant and get to know each other on a professional level for the supplier to understand your needs.

2. The Understanding – Getting to meet and understand the client's needs is paramount to a long-standing relationship, getting to see previous promotional products on the shelf and then spend the time to design new products for manufacturing based upon your feelings for the business.

3. The Ability to Deliver – Sourcing locally gives you a fast turn-around especially on locally warehoused items. In many cases, you will get personal delivery to various locations in the city or state, ideal for tight deadlines.

4. Transportation costs – Quite frankly you are cutting out freight and transportation fees.

5. Environmental impact – By sourcing locally you are decreasing the companies carbon footprint, sourcing locally, add these together, and people in your city or state will certainly look favourably on your business.

6. Promotional Products Sponsorships – Giving back to the community is key, in return you will benefit from brand exposure in your area.

Look to seek good suppliers in the local area that you can meet, verify their credentials and then maintain good business relationships is vital. To find your local promotional product company in Brisbane Read more here. In doing so the supplier will get to know and understand your business, this cannot happen online. They will be accessible when the others are unable to be contacted or are on a different time zone. Promotional marketing and events will be given a better chance to succeed, and are manageable on your doorstep.

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