5 Reasons to Work with a Nutritionist

There is a multitude of reasons to work with a nutritionist and how they can help cut through the confusion and debunk a lot of myths that you pick-up over the years from various information sources, helping you to achieve your short-term goals but equally importantly maintain them for the long-term. For a local interview with a nutritionist Adelaide click here. 

Here we highlight 5 of the main reasons to seek the help before thinking about over-the-counter synthetic medicinal aid.

1. A Nutritionist know you better than a bottle of pills

A nutritionist will get to know you inside out, ask you a lot of questions from childhood up to yesterday to gain a full understanding of your medical history, your current environment, your lifestyle habits and your diet. It's all for the greater good, to be able to asses exactly where you stand and treat accordingly, something a pharmacy can't offer you. 

2. A customised approach

A nutritionist will make specific recommendations based upon you and you alone. What you read in a food guide is so broad-based to cover their readers, they write something for everyone.  There are too many fly-by-night weight loss ideas that in retrospect leave you worse off months down the road than when you started.


Nutritionists take into consideration your work schedule, your home life, your stress levels, anxiety all kinds of equasions into account. 

3. Nutrients for Medicine

Nutritionists can balance your PCOS out between both controlled food and supplements, not many people know that you can marry the two for successful treatments. 

Doctors can recommend medicine to control insulin without taking into consideration factors like cortisol levels. So that is why they ask so many questions as they can find a balance if you are on medication.

4. Customise a Plan

It's simple, and there's no guidebook, no government regulations to follow pharmaceutical companies to tell you what you must do as a broad-spectrum treatment it's about you and only you.  Open up and be honest, even if you know you are guilty of overindulgence or bedtime snacks, honesty is the best policy with a nutritionist.

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